Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have insurance?

Yes! I carry full liability and personal indemnity insurance. If your venue requires proof; I would be happy to provide copy for their records.

Do you offer discounts for out of season or weekday weddings?

At this time I do not offer off season or weekday weddings. I do however offer a military discount. Please feel free to contact me to discuss in more detail.

What is your deposit and when is the balance due?

I require 25% of the wedding package due at the time of contract signature. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding date, but don’t worry! I send a reminder email to check in around 6 weeks prior to check in.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use top of the line, professional Canon camera bodies, lenses, and flashes. I also have off camera flash equipment so I’m prepared for any lighting situation…or ready for fun night shots!

I would call it documentary, or photo journalistic. I take a more “fly on the wall” approach to your portraits. Kind of like you wouldn’t know I was even there. I prefer candid moments; watching two people interact with each other and watching their story unfold, rather than just having you stare at the camera and smile. I love seeing genuine laughs and smiles, or seeing an actual emotion. And it’s way less awkward! I want you to think of your session as you and your best friend just hanging out…and I just happen to be there.

How would you describe your Photography style?

Instead of a “list”, showing me a few images of poses that you love or backgrounds that you think are beautiful, is what I prefer. Sending a list like “shot of rings, flower, cake, us dancing” is not necessary as I will be hard at work capturing every little detail and moment.

Can we give you a list of shots we like?

Yes please! Your photos will come with a full personal use license and print release which means you are free to download, print and share your images. I do not require a watermark on the image you share, but would love it if you could “tag” me in your post! I do have 2 rules: Do not use a filter or change the image in any way, and do not use any images for commercial use without my permission.

Can we share our photos on social media?

It’s very difficult to give an exact number as it is dependent mainly on the hour of coverage I’m hired for. The average number of images I deliver is around 80-90 per hour. But this could also be dependent of the events happening, if there is travel time between venues and cooperation of guests.

How many photographs will we receive?

My typical turnaround time for you to receive your full gallery is 4-6 weeks, but may be a bit longer depending on the season. Autumn is usually “peak season” and may result in longer wait time. I try my hardest to get your photos to you as soon as I can! Please keep in mind that while photography is my passion and my true love, sadly it can not be my full time job. I don’t need to tell you; health insurance, housing, and food are expensive!

How long will we be waiting for our photos?

Great question and one that I hope I never have to follow through on. Over the years I’ve made a number of “photo buddies” and been given access to a huge network of local photographers. If I were too ill to photograph your wedding, or there was an emergency, I would make sure your wedding is covered by someone of equal talent or better, by first reaching out to my friends and then to the network. Basically it would be my problem, not yours. There would be no extra fees, just a substitute. To date I’ve never had to call upon another photographer to take my place, and take every precaution to ensure I’m able to be there for your big day!

What happens if you are ill or worse?